Musician of the Year

Jairemie Alexander recieves award for Musician of the Year from RUNWAY TO FREEDOM!


"So greatful to be part of this movement coming up on 9 years this year. Runway To Freedom has guided and continues to help many organizations help Men, Women and Children rise and recover from Domestic Violence with the intention on getting help for the abusers as well, to make a better future for families and communities bringing awareness in and around Seattle that perpetuates around the country and internationally. Every year is a stepping stone for us as a whole and a growing experience for me personally. My experience has been nothing but triumphant within and it's an honor to be acknowledged for giving something I have an abundance in giving as they do. The love. Thank you Lauren Grinnell for being such a boss and a present force of nature making this happen annually! We will achieve DV freedom. Here's to many more smiling faces and thick-skinned warrior Women! ❤️💎

please visit to see how you can be a part of changing lives and creating peace this year! ☮️ #ENDDV#RunwayToFreedom #RTF9 #ALIVE "

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